Monthly Competition Rules

  1. Scoring. The top four images are placed in order of merit by the Judge(s). The points awarded are 1st, 4 points, 2nd, 3 points, 3rd, 2 points, 4th, 1 point. In addition each member submitting images in any competition is awarded 1 point in that competition.
  2. In each competition the winner is that member who at the end of the competition year (December) has attained the highest score. In the case of two or more members having the same score, the committee will determine the overall winner of the competition by using the count back method based on the order of merit placings gained during the year.
  3. Monthly competitions are either Open Subject or have a set theme as listed in the current programme.
  4. Once entered in a monthly competition, an image cannot be entered in another FPS monthly competition but may be entered in an Annual competition.
  5. During a competition year (January to December) 8 monthly competitions will be held. Members may enter all of these competitions.
  6. Members are either intermediate or advanced workers in the monthly competitions.
  7. A member can enter the Intermediate Cup (formerly called The Cosgrove Cup) competition as an intermediate monochrome worker until they have won this trophy and from then onwards they shall be an advanced monochrome worker and enter the Woodrow Cup.
  8. A member can enter the Colour Pot competition as an intermediate colour worker until they have won this trophy and from then onwards they shall be an Advanced Worker and enter the Pardon Shield competition.
  9. A member who in the opinion of the committee has reached the required standard can be deemed as either an advanced monochrome or advanced colour worker.
  10. The Colour Trophy and the Monochrome Trophy competitions are open equally to intermediate and advanced workers.
  11. The Photographer of the Year is awarded to the member who scores the highest aggregate score in all monthly competitions during the competition year.

Monthly Competitions’ Summary

Trophy Type Open to Identifier Number of Entries
Colour Trophy Colour Print Intermediate/Advanced CT 2
Monochrome Trophy Monochrome Print Intermediate/Advanced MT 2
Intermediate Cup Monochrome Digital Projected Image Intermediate IC 2
Woodrow Cup Monochrome Digital Projected Image Advanced W 2
Colour Pot Colour Digital Projected Image Intermediate CP 2
Parndon Shield Colour Digital Projected Image Advanced PPS 2
Junior Colour Award Colour Digital Projected Image Junior JCA 4