Audio-Visual Competition Rules

1. The competition is for Digital Audio-Visual presentations predominantly consisting of a sequence of still photographic images, the majority of such photographs being the original work of the entrant, together with an accompanying synchronised sound track.

2. The sequence production can be by an individual or a group of named members and any help must be declared. The use of third party images, animated graphics, or other visual material, whilst not excluded, should be limited and should be appropriate to the production.

3. It is the responsibility of the entrant to obtain copyright clearance for all third party images, music and sounds used.

4. The choice of the subjects is entirely open and there are no special categories. No sequence shall exceed eight minutes in length and must not disclose the author’s identity at any point.

5. All entries must be in a format that will self-run on a computer, eg.exe file, which does not require any additional or special software to enable the sequence to run.

6. The sequence file name must include the author’s initials and a short identifying name of no more than 30 characters.

eg   xxx-FelixstoweAVsequence No1.exe

7. Only 3 digital audio-visual sequences per author can be entered either as an individual or as part of a group.

8. All sequences will be presented using a digital projector having a width:height ratio of 16:9

9. Entries for this competition must be submitted on a CD or memory stick labelled with the author’s name, sequence title and running time. A completed entry form shall be submitted at the same time.

10. The judging will take place on the evening of the competition. In the event of the total running time exceeding the time available, the right is reserved to hold a pre-selection, or limit the number of entries in the competition.

11. Except where provided in the rules, the decisions of the organisers shall be final and binding. Submission of an entry implies that the entrant has read and accepted the foregoing in all respects.