General Competition Rules

  1. These rules supersede all previous rules.
  2. Interpretation of these rules is the responsibility of the committee.
  3. Only a ‘member’ in accordance with the Rules of the Society is eligible to enter the Monthly and Annual competitions.
  4. A person or persons who in the opinion of the committee are competent to judge can do so. In any competition the Judges decision is final.
  5. Trophies are held by the winners for one year and are the responsibility of the holder.
  6. Images must be the copyright of the member entering the competition. Each image should have a unique and permanent title. If an image is given a new title for entry in a differently themed competition then the original title must be shown alongside the new title. Images taken in Group sessions are eligible for entry in monthly and annual competitions. Entries in Monthly and Annual competitions can be used on our website and social media platforms to promote the Society. Copyright of the image remains with the author. Any member not wanting their images used in this way shall advise the secretary in writing.
  7. Prints. A print must be suitably mounted and be of a minimum size (excluding the mount) of 300 sq. cm. The size of the mount shall not be greater than 500 x 400 mm. Each entry must be marked on the back of the mount with the entry identifier for the competition, the author’s initials and the title of the print. Words that are a necessary part of the image are allowed within the print but there shall be no identifying marks on the front of the print that indicate the author’s name or the print title. A projectable image of the print must also be submitted. See section 8 for sizing. The file name should also include ‘PI of Print’.
  8. Projected Images. Entries shall be in jpeg format with the file name containing the author’s initials, competition entry identifier and title. For example, a Colour Trophy entry for the May 2015 competition would have the file name ABC-CTmay15-Super Sunset.jpg. For projection, images must be resized, maintaining proportion. The height must not exceed 1200 pixels, and the width must not exceed 1920 pixels.
    Entries can be submitted by email to:
    If any member does not have access to email, entries can be submitted on a labelled memory stick.
  9. Entries into print competitions can be produced by the use of traditionally processed photographic material or by the use of digital equipment. Entries into Projected Image competitions will be presented using a digital projector.
  10. Intermediate workers can process their own work or use a commercial processing house and have assistance with their work from other people. Advance workers must undertake all processing, computer work and digital manipulations themselves. Entries in the print competitions can either be self printed or printed by a commercial processing house.
  11. At no time should a member engage with the judge, during judging, by making comments regarding their own entries or entries from other members.