Felixstowe Photographic Society is where photography enthusiasts come together in a supportive and friendly environment. With a shared enthusiasm for photography, we prioritise creativity and shooting for personal enjoyment, while also offering competitions to challenge and inspire our members. Established in 1948, our Society proudly counts one of its founding members among us.

Our diverse membership includes both enthusiastic beginners and experienced individuals eager to share their knowledge and help you develop your skills. Throughout the year, we organise a wide range of activities catering to various interests, ensuring that every member has a fun and sociable experience while enjoying photography. Our packed program includes competitions, lectures, and presentations by renowned photographers, as well as members’ evenings and practical sessions.

We hold two types of meetings to cater to our members’ needs:

  1. Club Meetings: These are the more traditional gatherings held on predetermined dates, usually Thursdays. Our packed programme includes competitions, lectures, and presentations by renowned photographers, as well as members’ evenings and practical sessions.
  2. Group Meetings: As the impact of Covid lessened, we introduced group meetings to keep the club active and ensure the safety of our members. Originally designed for smaller groups of five or six, these meetings allowed individuals to pursue their specific photographic interests while minimizing the risk of Covid transmission. Over time, as the risk lessened, our groups have grown, and some now consist of double figures.

Let’s delve into our group meetings further, as we offer five distinct group types:

  • Indoor Photography: Focus on capturing family moments, events, food, still life, and portraits.
  • Wildlife/Nature Photography: Explore the wonders of plants, gardens, macro subjects, birds, and insects.
  • Sports Photography: Capture the excitement of indoor and outdoor sports, team events, and dynamic sports portraits.
  • Outdoor Photography: Immerse yourself in architectural marvels, astrophotography, golden hour landscapes, gardens, low-light scenarios, panoramas, seascapes, street scenes, travel destinations, and abstract compositions.
  • Audio Visual (AV): Combine the art of photography and storytelling through documentary, humor, creative endeavors, harmony, editing techniques, music, scripts, and meticulous planning.

While members are welcome to participate in multiple groups, we suggest limiting your involvement to no more than two for a balanced experience.

Our club meetings and competition season span from January to December, mirroring the calendar year, with a break for the summer months of July and August. We gather two to three times per month on Thursdays at Broadway House, starting at 19:30. No meeting would be complete without a delightful half-time tea break, and we typically wrap up around 22:00. To stay up to date with meeting dates and other events, please refer to our programme.

Even during the summer break, our group meetings continue to ensure that all members can continue honing their photography skills and satisfying their creative urge.

Join us at Felixstowe Photographic Society, and embark on an exciting journey of photographic exploration, growth, and camaraderie.

If you’re interested in coming along you are most welcome to visit us twice for free by introducing yourself to a Committee Member and signing our visitors book.