Annuals 2023

Annual Competition Winners 2023

  • Millennium Cup: PI ‘Movement’ – David Duffney
  • The Byham Cup: PI Set of 4 varied set of photographic skills – Jon Downs
  • Reg Thurlow Cup: Colour Print ‘Action’ – Dave Watson
  • Presidents Cup: Monochrome Print ‘not specific’ – Lynn Duffney
  • Howard Award: Colour Print ‘not specific’ – Lynn Duffney
  • Claude Weeks Cup: PI ‘People portrait’ – David Duffney
  • Felixstowe Town Council Challenge Trophy: Panel of six prints, Felixstowe and its environs – David Duffney
  • Stephen Cook Digital Image Trophy: Creative PI – Lynn Duffney
  • Digital Audio Visual Trophy non specific AV: Not Held
  • Best Soundtrack in AV: Not Held

    The following gallery page shows the winning entries: Annuals